Hi, my name's Josh, and like many of you, life didn't turn out like I thought.

Many like to call people my age, "the lost generation," the ones deprived of the Boomers' prosperity. We followed the script, did what we were told, studied hard, graduated from college, and then left with nothing.

Despite being a life-long muckraker and rulebreaker, I bought into this path too. Then when things didn't turn out how I liked, I bought into the new script of desperation and hopelessness.

Well, both those scripts are bullshit. The fact is, the world is a different one than our parents grew up in, and even different than the one we grew up in. The fundamental rules of the game have changed. The problem isn't a lack of opportunity, the problem is the lack of a map.

There's no set path to follow, as the old ones lead nowhere. If you want to be successful in the 21st century western world, you have to be your own navigator.

This blog is about the path I'm taking, and how you can navigate your own, with a few detours along the way. Because while things might not have turned out like you thought, it's not over yet.