Before we get this thing going, there's a few people I'd like to thank.

This blog wouldn't exist today without the inspiration of Michael Ellsberg, author of "The Education of Millionaires." His guest post on Tim Ferriss's blog, titled "8 Steps to Getting What You Want…Without Formal Credentials," gives this advice:

Read one professional, business, or how-to book related to your chosen field per week. Choose a mix of classics in the field, along with some off-the-beaten-path books you discover through your reading and research. These books are typically written by active practitioners in your field; they are not the abstract books written by theorists, which tend to get assigned in academic programs. Thus, these books (written by actual, successful practitioners) will be infinitely more valuable in terms of streetwise content.

Then write one blog post each week detailing exactly what you learned from that week's book.

So here I am.

Thanks to Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels for letting me peek at the CSS of the (sadly defunct) Squarespace version of his site. Squarespace 6 currently has no public developer documentation, so getting to see a detailed example was huge.

I'd also like to thank Justin Blanton for encouraging me to pick the best tool for the job. Saved me a ton of time and pain.

And last but most importantly, thanks to my wonderful fiancée for putting up with me while I've been putting this thing together.