The U.S. has more than enough combat tanks in the field to meet the nation's defense needs - so there's no sense in making repairs to these now, the Army's chief of staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno told Congress earlier this year...

...If the Pentagon holds off repairing, refurbishing or making new tanks for three years until new technologies are developed, the Army says it can save taxpayers as much as $3 billion...

...173 House members - Democrats and Republicans - sent a letter April 20 to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, urging him to continue supporting their decision to produce more tanks.

Mind boggling. To put things in perspective, the United States Government spends about $445 million a year on PBS. Cut these unwanted tanks, and we could fund PBS for nearly 7 years. I don't know about you, but I've received a lot more value out of Sesame Street than I have out of dusty, unused tanks.

I'm all for cutting government spending, but let's focus on the real problems. Leave Big Bird alone.

Via Reddit