This past weekend, I told you about the issues that I, along with many other customers, had with the online-only "Rumble" between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly.

The good news is that the money has been refunded. But even in that, Nox Solutions bumbled. First, I never heard from anyone involved with the event until I received the refund. Then, when I received email notification for the refund, it said that I was being refunded because of "multiple orders." This caused me to scour my bank and Paypal records, only to find that no, only one order had been placed.

I can only assume that I was refunded due to my vehement complaining, but honestly I don't know. I appreciate the refund, but I would have appreciated clear communication even more.

I love the idea of online pay-per-view events like this, but Nox Solutions is clearly ill-equipped to handle them on such a large scale.