Paul Haddad:

As some of you may have already noticed the download link for the Tweetbot for Mac alpha no longer works. Twitter’s latest API Changes means now we have a large but finite limit on the number of user tokens we can get for Tweetbot for Mac. We’ve been working with Twitter over the last few days to try to work around this limit for the duration of the beta but have been unable to come up with a solution that was acceptable to them. Because of this we’ve decided its best for us to pull the alpha.

It looks like Twitter's new developer-hostile policies have claimed their first victim on the desktop.

It's a damn shame. I stopped using Twitter after they redesigned their official iOS client. If not for Tweetbot for iPhone, I doubt I would have returned.

Haddad promises that the full version is still in the works, but he doesn't sound nearly as reassuring as he did last week.

A sign of things to come.