If own an iPhone or iPad, you might be aware that iOS 6 is being released tomorrow, Sept. 19.

It's good advice to hold off on major software updates until the kinks are worked out. But I usually throw caution to the wind. Especially in the case of iOS 5, which featured some much needed upgrades. The bugs were painful but the new features outweighed the bad.

However, I'm going to hold off on upgrading my iPhone 4 for at least a week.

Here's why:

  • No Groundbreaking New Features

iOS 6 is mostly spit and polish. The only killer feature, for me, is turn-by-turn directions. But if your iPhone is older than a 4S, you won't be getting those anyway.

  • Maps

Speaking of turn-by-turn directions, they've been made possible because Apple has dropped Google Maps for their own in-house solution.

While they'll be beautiful, out of the box they're going to miss two huge features: Street view and transit maps. And beta users have plenty of complaints.

Google has a five-year lead on Apple here, and while Apple is great at hardware design and software UI, they're terrible at online services.

Even if Apple's maps don't pan out, Google is planning their own maps app, which if anything like the new Youtube app, will blow away the old preinstalled version.

  • Youtube

Not a biggie, but the old Youtube app is going away. Google has released their own, which is vastly superior. But it's not available for iPad yet, and while the browser works fine, be wary if if prefer the old app.

  • Facebook Woes

iOS 6 will feature Facebook integration, which means you can easily share to Facebook from any app, and your contacts will sync with Facebook.

Sounds great, but Facebook is pulling a dirty trick.

Back in 2010, Facebook quietly launched its own email service. If you have a Facebook account, you have a facebook.com email address, know it or not. In June, Facebook replaced everyone's default email address, listed on their profile, with their facebook.com email.

As a result, as your contacts are synced, your address book will be flooded with facebook.com email addresses you probably don't want.

I doubt users will stand for it, and Apple will be quick to fix it, but it might be best to let that be sorted out before it becomes your problem.