Slim iMac

Nailed it. The edges are impossibly thin, and the screen is glued together, as Stephen Hackett predicted. Unfortunately, the headphone jack is still on the back, and I'm sure the hard drive is even more difficult to replace. However, the Fusion Drive, the option to have an SSD and HDD merged into one logical volume, is intriguing. I wonder how different it will be, performance wise, from existing hybrid hard drives?

Also, RAM is apparently only upgradeable in the 27" model.

13" Retina MacBook Pro

Called it.

iPad Mini

Nailed the name. And proud to say I bested Gruber on that one. But I was wrong on the price. Only 9to5 Mac got it right. Frankly, I think $329 is a little high, but it'll still be sold out by Christmas.

iPad 4

Did not see that one coming. While I'm sure many iPad 3 owners are fuming, the upgrade seems to be fairly minor. It appears to be just as heavy as the iPad 3, and if it runs just as hot, that's disappointing.

iPad 2

It surprisingly lives on. This makes me happy, because mine should be supported for a long time.