Vengence: Woz With a Cause is new in the App Store this week, and is one of the strangest ideas for a game I've ever seen.

You play as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who lends his own voice to the game. Woz's wife is kidnapped because Woz doesn't speak fluent Spanish (this is the actual reason the kidnappers give). So you, as Woz, team up with action star Danny Trejo for a run and gun rampage through Fusion City to rescue her.

Even more bizarre, this is a tie-in game for a movie that won't be released for another year, starring Danny Trejo but not Steve Wozniak. It's an interesting marketing strategy.

Delightfully weird as it is, it's a terrific showcase of Woz's legendary sense of humor, and it's a fun game with classic NES style. And like any NES-era game, it's frustratingly difficult. I really wish there were more checkpoints.

If you are a fan of Woz, Danny Trejo, or NES-era gaming, it's absolutely worth a buck for your iPhone or iPad.