Yours truly, writing for TidBITS:

As a daily commuter, podcasts are my lifeblood, so I’m particular about the software I use to listen to podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts since Adam Curry popularized them a decade ago, and I have yet to find the perfect podcast client.

What began as a review of Instacast 3 evolved into a sprawling, Siracusa-style overview of the most popular iOS podcast clients. While I'm very proud of this piece, a reader later pointed me to Pocket Casts, a little-known but excellent podcast app. It shares a design language with Tweetbot, and has one of the most optimized download engines I've seen in its class. The more I used it, the more delighted I am by it. For now, it's my personal favorite.

UPDATE: The TidBITS article has been updated to include Pocket Casts.