Xanfan, Retro Game Network:

If you are a fan of the first person shooter, chances are you have played the original “Half-Life” at some point in your gaming history. (If not Half-Life, then at least Counter-Strike!) Over the past 15 years, Half-Life has been loved by PlayStation 2 owners, and nearly all computer gamers out there. That is unless, of course, you were a fan of Apple before it was cool, and were a Macintosh user, where the game was never released. We are happy to report that over 14 years after it’s original release, Mac users can finally play Half-Life on their own computers, without having to buy one of those “PC compatible” things.

Only took 14 years. I was eagerly awaiting this port, and then the Dreamcast port, which was cancelled just before release. In related news, Reddit user Murmur322 figured out how to run Black Mesa Source natively on the Mac with Wineskin.